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Velocity VoIP Carrier Services

One Stop Shop: Velocity’s Carrier Services provide those companies who have their own VoIP switch all of the necessary connectivity to the PSTN ever needed. Whether you provide retail based hosted VoIP telecom solutions for the business and residential community or you have a large enterprise that qualifies for wholesale rates, Velocity’s one stop shop, a la carte VoIP products will meet every one of your VoIP-PSTN connectivity needs.

VoIP Origination Services:: Velocity’s VoIP Origination provides reliable, redundant, wholesale connectivity for carriers, service providers and resellers. The Velocity’s Origination services provide your business with access to numbers in markets nationwide. Activate numbers nationwide and route them dynamically for immediate use through our API. VoIP Termination Services: Velocity VoIP Telecom offers the highest quality domestic and international A-Z wholesale VoIP termination available. We provide multiple routes to virtually every destination on the planet resulting in a highly available service with exceptional call quality and support for a variety of codecs all at competitive rates.
Velocity e911 Services: Choosing the right solution and vendor for your VoIP emergency calling needs is vital to preserving customer satisfaction, customer safety, market competitiveness, and regulatory compliance. Velocity provides worry-free management of your emergency data and gives you more time to focus on your core operations. DID Database: Velocity maintains one of the largest inventories of available DIDs in the United States and Canada. Covering over 8,000 rate centers in the US and over 70% of Canadian provinces, Velocity is your most reliable source for DIDs. In most cases, if we don’t have it, you probably can’t get it anywhere else..

Carriers Carrier: Velocity VOIP Telecom is a VoIP Carrier’s carrier which means that if you are in the VoIP business, you need not look any further for VoIP connectivity to and from the PSTN, E911 PSAP Transport, Enhanced Directory Assistance access, Directory Listing Services, and CNAM availability.

Origination Services: Our motto is that if you can’t get a telephone number in the area you need from us, you probably can’t get it at all. You will also have access to one of (if not) the largest inventory of live telephone numbers in North America. Our footprint of live telephone numbers for the United States and Canada is hard to beat.  Further more, we can provide you with telephone numbers in over 40 countries world wide.

Termination Services: If your only need is to obtain better rates for termination to the PSTN, you’ll want to investigate our simplified domestic flat rate along with our great prices for international destinations. Of course, while our prices are highly competitive, price is not everything. Quality is king in the VoIP business. A service that causes jitter, long connect times, low connection ratios, or false answer supervision can easily negate the savings derived from paying the lowest price. That’s why we seek to provide the highest quality of service at a rate that is highly competitive.

Up and Running Fast: In most cases we can have you up and running the same day with access to your own partition on our switch that allows you access to view CDRs in real time, make payment online, and manage other aspects of your account through our easy to use web interface. We also provide a robust support portal and ticketing system with 24/7 support.

Robust Infrastructure and Backbone: Velocity has developed an infrastructure with robust hardware, geographic, vendor and human redundancy for fault tolerance, high availability and failover capability that surpasses many of the PSTN CLECs. Call us today, have us call you (see link in upper right corner) or Get Info by filling out the contact form to experience the quality that so many companies have come to rely on.